Willow Waterhole Bayou

The Willow Waterhole Bayou Trail provides a major east-west connection on the south side of the NTTSW focus area. This 3-mile trail would be located on the north bank of the bayou. The trail connects diverse single-family and multi-family neighborhoods to both the Fondren Diversion Channel Trail and the Willow Waterhole Greenspace. This trail would provide direct connections from Westbury High School and Anderson Elementary School to the nearby apartment homes where many students live.

This trail would run along the north side of the bayou, abutting both single family homes and multifamily complexes. In census tracts with apartments in this area, 25% of the families do not have access to a vehicle and another 47% have only one vehicle. Students of Westbury High School and Anderson Elementary currently travel along the bayou between home and school. The trail would require several road and drainage channel crossings.

Key Attributes

Length: 3 miles
Start Point:  Willow Waterhole Bayou meets the Fondren Diversion Channel just north of Ludington Drive.
End Point: W Bellfort Ave.
Trail Width: 6-10 feet
Ownership: HCFCD
Easements: N/A
Current Use: User-generated dirt trail
Bike Plan: Long-Term Off-Street
Parks Master Plan: In 1/2 mile service area


Willow Waterhole Greenspace
Hager Park
Chimney Rock Park
Fondren Diversion Channel Trail
Anderson Elementary School
Westbury High School
W Bellfort Ave/Fondren Rd Shopping
Plato Community Center


Trail crossings at Hillcroft and Chimney Rock will need crosswalks, signage, and other improvements to improve pedestrian/bicycle safety

Crossings of several drainage channels would need to be addressed.

Several areas along the bayou have a very narrow bench available for trail construction; some grading may be needed.

Other Information

Identified as an off-street trail as part of the Houston Bike Plan’s long-term vision

Area adjacent to Westbury High School has almost half the population living below the poverty line, and 25% of households with no vehicle.

BOMD estimated cost: $1,584,000

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