Neighborhoods Advocate for Off-Street Trails

Miscellaneous wildflower photoWith the appealing natural environments along Brays and Keegan’s Bayous, Willow Waterhole Greenspace, additional wetlands, pocket prairies, and utility easements, we are advocating for residents to have safe off-street trail access to reach these recreational sites and provide alternative transportation to schools, places of worship, commercial locations, and other destinations in Southwest Houston.

The target area of our organization covers about 22 square miles, has a population of about 167,663 residents and includes single-family homes as well as 92 multi-family apartment complexes. It is bordered by Beechnut Street (northern border), Stella Link (eastern border), Main Street/US-90 (southern border), and Beltway 8 at US-59 Freeway (western border). Active committee members reside in the following Southwest Houston neighborhoods: Braeburn Valley West, Maplewood West, Maplewood North/South, Meyerland, Westbury, and Willow Meadows. NTTSW intends to spearhead the development of at least six trail segments (totaling nine miles) over the next several years. We see value from a safety, environmental, and an economic perspective to be able to connect people walking or biking to the area’s amenities, especially to the Willow Waterhole Greenspace and the improvements taking place there. Our organization has several major goals:

(1) grow the capacity of NTTSW to advocate for and contribute to local trail development,

(2) fully engage with neighbors and stakeholders in our service area in order to develop well-supported trail proposals, and

(3) contribute to local trail development through funding partnerships, recommendations on trail routes/amenities, and strong partnerships with local elected and appointed officials.


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