Presentations to Community

2019 Neighborhoods to Trails members met multiple times to give input on the Brays Oaks Management District, Master Park Plan 2020. Met with Adam McGovern, EHRA and Chris Chomer through 2020.

2019 July 17 Presentation to Brays Oaks Management District, Ben Brewer, Executive Director

2019 June 19  City of Houston, District J, City Councilman, Mike Laster
Neighborhoods to Trails Southwest proposed to work with the Houston Parks Board in 2019 on development of a plan for completion of Mid-Brays Trails during the next seven years. 

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2019 May 23  Friends of Keegan Trail and Park gave a walking tour to Kelly Norrid, Urban Biologist of Texas Parks and Wildlife. Ecological Restoration with native plants and prairie were discussed for Keegan South Tributary.

Keegan South Trail
Keegan Bayou Trail & Park
Keegan Bayou Trail, Spring 20202

Keegan Bayou Trail and Park has a potential for detention ponds, trails, and wildlife habitat. This natural woodland with tall pine habitat and ponds would include protections for wildlife such as Chimney Swift Towers, Bat Houses, Bluebird Houses, Wood Duck houses, Bird Blind and wild flowers. Various grants were discussed with Pat Dorsey, Skip Reeder, Eugene Sirls, and Sharon Young.

2019, April 17 Neighborhoods to Trail members presented to City of Houston, Trent Rondot, Precinct 1 Amar Mohite, Director of Planning and Infrastructure and COH Council member Castex-Tatum, District K.

Beyond the Bayou Photos

2018 November 20 Houston Park Board staff, Chip Place, Director of Capital Programs and Lisa Graiff, Manager of Beyond the Bayous displayed maps to indicate that many NTTSW Trails overlap with Houston Park Board proposed trails. NTTSW members Gerda Gomez, Stephen Polnaszek, Pat Dorsey and Sharon Young presented on the Dual Use of Keegan Bayou Trail and Park as a detention basin and park.

2018 October 30 Met with Harris County Precinct One, William Taylor, Director of Development and Infrastructure and staff. Friends of Keegan Bayou Trail and Park members Mike Bercu, Gerda Gomez, Stephen Polnaszek, Skip Reeder and Sharon Young sought support for Keegan Bayou Trail and Park.

2018 August 29   The City of Houston Chief Resilience Officer, Stephen Costello met with Friends of Keegan Bayou Trail and Park. Our agenda was to discuss the former Ruffino Hills Golf Course as a Detention Site for Southwest Houston. Our discussion centered around a previous 450 page Environmental Study of the property. Mr. Costello gave us some next steps to advocate for the property to become a detention site. Our City of Houston District J Councilman, Mike Laster attended the meeting with Friends Mike Bercu, Pat Dorsey, Gerda Gomez, Skip Reeder and Sharon Young.                     

2018 October 18  During the Southwest Houston 2000 monthly meeting President, Bruce Krewinghaus presented a letter of support for Neighborhoods to Trails. Neighborhoods to Trails member, Sharon Young gave a presentation to SWHouston 2000.  The presentation showed maps, photos and details of an environmental study of Ruffino Hills.  At the conclusion of the study in 2007 headlines read, “Former Ruffino Hills land may get a look as park property.” Some organizations in attendance were Brays Oaks Management District, Ben Brewer, Super Neighborhood #36, Marcy Williams, International Emergency and Development Aid (IEDA), Timothy Mukule, and the future District J, Councilman, Ed Pollard.

2018 May 16    Lisa Graiff, Houston Parks Board, Bayou Greenways 2020, Manager and Lisa Kaslanowitz, Outreach Coordinator presented at the NTTSW monthly meeting.  The bond for Bayou Greenways 2020 passed in 2012. In 2018 the Projects will reach completion.  HPB is thinking about how to move beyond, how to connect the communities into those 150 miles of connective trails and looking at other major destinations.  That is basically what Beyond the Bayous is.

2017 May   Houston Park Board, Beth White, President and CEO, Lisa Graiff, Bayou Greenways Manager, Chip Place, Director of Capital Programs, Lisa Kasianowitz, Outreach Coordinator attended a tour of NTTSW Trails hosted by Richard Rodriquez, Executive Director, Brays Oaks Management District. The tour in a 5 mile area included Willow Waterhole Greenway, Kinder Shell, Hillcroft, Fondren and Keegan South Trails lead by Trail representatives Pat Dorsey, Sharon Young, Gerda Gomez, Eugene Sirls, Stephen Polnaszek and Bruce Krewinghaus.

2017 March 7    Marci Williams, Chairperson, Super Neighborhood #36 – Brays Oaks presented a letter of support to NTTSW. Members Pat Dorsey, Stephen Polnaszek, Eugene Sirls and Sharon Young gave a presentation on the location of the proposed Trails.

2016 October 20   Bob Schwartz was a Charter Member of Neighborhoods to Trails.   His knowledge of the area made him an invaluable advisor.  He has been a voice of the community and represented Southwest Houston in many organizations and committees over the years. Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy, President, Howard Sacks conducted the Schwartz Gazebo Dedication Ceremony in Bob’s honor for his dedicated service. Many NTTSW members attended the Dedication Ceremony including Charles Goforth, Gerda Gomez, Eugene Sirls, Kate Brusegaard, Stephen Polnaszek, Mike and Sally Bercu and Cindy Chapman. Watch the Schwartz Gazebo Dedication at

2016 April 21 Patricia King Ritter from Evelyn Park Conservancy in Bellaire presented on their goals for connecting trails.

2016 March 9 NTTSW member, Eugene Sirls, Eugene was invited by Community Planner, Justin Bates, National Park Service to participate at the Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference. Connecting Neighborhoods to Regional Greenway Projects highlighted efforts by neighborhood groups to address real and perceived barriers, and connect with nearby regional park and trail amenities. These efforts provided lessons on how other communities and neighborhoods can leverage significant regional projects in their efforts to increase walking, biking, and recreational access.

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