Fondren Updates

January 17, 2023 Updates

Excited to see construction happening along Fondren Diversion Channel from West Bellfort to Bankside.  Here’s a few photos our friend and member Jerry took along this route today.  

2020 December Update and 2020 March 31 Original Post

Because of the flooding events of 2015 and 2017 Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has determined that the Fondren Diversion Channel will be included in the projects to undergo improvement to reduce area flooding.

The  Fondren Diversion Channel bond project (F-08/Project#D140-00-00-FP001) has begun with the Preliminary Engineering (PER) stage this fall, 2020. The PER stage will be followed by any needed right-of-way acquisitions and Design Construction. PER and Design Construction will take a minimum of three years. NTTSW advocacy for the trail along the Fondren Diversion Channel will resume once the PER stage is completed.

The Precinct 1 Park Smart Needs Assessment ranking is= Very High.

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