Hillcroft Bridge at Braeswood

NTTSW has long had safety concerns about the narrow walkways on Hillcroft, South Rice, and Chimney Rock bridges.  Originally, the width of the walkways on all three bridges was 46 inches. This was narrow for couples, mothers with strollers, children, and bicyclists.  The danger for pedestrians was falling into the high traffic street or for bicyclists to fall over the low railing into the bayou.

NTTSW advocated for addition of a regular sidewalk on the Hillcroft bridge. NTTSW  advocacy was  successful for addition of 10 feet wide sidewalks on both sides of the Hillcroft bridge. The Hillcroft bridge was raised in 2020.

HCFCD has confirmed the South Rice and Chimney Rock bridges will be replaced as part of Project Brays with single span bridges starting January 2021 and completed in approximately one year. The new bridges will have 6-10 foot wide sidewalks on both sides.

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