Kinder West

The Kinder Trail from Braewick Dr. to Chimney Rock and W Bellfort is a major connection between Willow Waterhole Greenspace and the Brays Bayou trail system. This 1.3-mile trail connects northwest-southeast through primarily single-family neighborhoods. Numerous access points provide an incredible opportunity
to connect residential areas to both Willow Waterhole and the Brays Bayou greenway. This trail provides convenient access to a number of schools, as well as to Westbury Park.

On a warm November 2020 afternoon an intrepid NTTSW group got together to walk the Westbury Neighborhood trail along the HCFCD D-130 referred to as the Kinder West trail. We started at Atwell where we were greeted with a bench, picnic table and wings. At Burdine we enjoyed Noreen Heards’ Native prairie plantings. We continued along the nicely mowed wide bank, maintained by volunteer mower “boots on the ground” Allen Potvin. The newly opened trailhead on Oasis was a joy to see and walk through after both the encroaching houses moved their fences.
Then we came to the intersection of West Bellfort and Chimney Rock where the crossing is challenged in that it takes so many light cycles to cross. We all agreed a diagonal crosswalk would be a brilliant addition to that corner.

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