3.01     There will be no Membership fee for regular Members.  Fees for special, advisory, or sponsoring Members may be authorized by the Board.  Regular Members are those who have indicated an interest in and a willingness to help in achieving the goals and objectives of the Corporation and have provided their name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to the Corporation as may be evidenced by entry on a previous meeting attendance list.

3.02     Charter Members will be those Members present and active up to the time when the organization is incorporated.  Except for recognition, they will be awarded no special privileges, and after inCorporation will serve as regular Members.

3.03     Supporting/sponsoring entities may be municipalities, business establishments, educational, residential, religious, social, business, public, benevolent, philanthropic, environmental organizations and individual persons, if approved by the Board, at a regular or special meeting. Unless serving as a Member of the Board of Directors, supporting Members shall not be entitled to voting rights.

3.04     Representatives from various governmental organizations whose interests and that of the Corporation coincide, are strongly encouraged to assist in communicating and coordinating activities of mutual interest.  Such representatives may neither vote nor serve as an Officer of the Corporation.

3.05     It is an objective that the overall Membership of the Corporation be drawn from widely representative groups of citizens in the Brays Watershed within the City of Houston and Harris County and that the Corporation’s Membership and activities not be dominated by any one group.

3.06     No dues will be required for regular Membership.

3.07     Removal/Denial of Membership – Those persons whose actions, activities or demeanor tend to disrupt or interfere with the legitimate conduct of Corporate business or activities may be denied Membership as evidenced by a majority vote of those present at a Corporate activity or event.

3.08     No Member regardless of how many positions held shall have more than one vote.


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