Friends of Keegans Bayou Trail and Park Reference Guide Introduction and Index

Friends of Keegans Bayou Trail and Park Manual Published 3/2/23 Click here for Manual

The Friends of Keegans Trail and Park formed in 2018 as an organization that focuses on the Keegan Bayou Trail to enhance the functionality and beauty of these trails with an emphasis on education, beautification, and conservancy. The attached manual consists of the following sections.

1. Keegans Bayou Trail (D 118-00-00) Constructed 2013-2016

2. Brays Oaks Trail North of Willow Meadow Drive (D 118-02-00) (2931) Advocacy begins 2015, constructed in 2021 and amenities in progress

3. Brays Oaks Trail South of Willow Meadow Drive D118-02-00 (3033) Advocacy 2015-in progress

4. Ruffino Redevelopment, 9600 Ruffino Road (private property) 2011 in progress

5. West Bellfort Park and Ride 11415 Roark Road at West Bellfort

6. Keegans Bayou West, (West of South Kirkwood)

Friends of Keegans Bayou Trail Advocacy Since 2017

Linear Park Amenities to Strive for

Volunteer Oversight

Presentations by Neighborhoods to Trails Southwest and Friends of Keegans Bayou

The Hiking Project Info about Keegans Bayou Trail – Interactive Map and Guide

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