Ruffino Hills Redevelopment

Ruffino Hills is in the Neighborhoods to Trails Southwest focus area. These 130.9 acres are adjacent to Keegan Bayou Trail and the connecting Brays Bayou Trail. The site is an ecologically sensitive property with hardwood, tall pines and ponds. The Park will support open space values and long-term conservation. It functions as a buffer for adjacent neighborhoods near Beltway 8. The Park is within close proximity to over 2500 single-family homes and over 500 apartment units, several schools, community centers and health clinics.  Interactive Map of Keegans Bayou Trail here

Keegans Park Base Map
Acreage: 130.9 acres
Southern Boundary: Ruffino Road
Northern Boundary: Keegan Bayou
Eastern Boundary: Braeburn Valley West
Western Boundary: Thurleigh and Bedford Streets
Ownership: The Cities of West University and Bellaire
Easement: Harris County Flood Control on Keegan Bayou
Current Use: Not in use, No Trespassing; COH purchased 73 acres on the west side, Dec 7, 2022
Parks Master Plan: High Need Area

An additional stormwater detention basin is needed to alleviate Keegans overflow.

Two regional stormwater detention basins are:
5.3 miles away – Arthur Storey Park (210 acres)
5.8 miles away – Willow Waterhole Greenway (290 acres)

City of Houston Plan: Flood detention for Keegans and Brays watersheds, potential gateway to Fort Bend trails.

Friends of Keegas Bayou Park Proposal: Community park around a stormwater detention basin with greenspace, bike and walking trails and amenities for recreation.

Brays Bayou Trail
Keegan Bayou (Nature) Trail
West Bellfort Avenue shopping
YES Prep Brays Oaks Campus
Houston Community College – Brays Oaks
Houston Baptist University
India House and Sareen Health Center
Memorial Hermann Hospital Southwest
Filipino Community Center
Turkish Raindrop House
Bee Busy Wellness Center
Route 8 West Bellfort Metro Bus
• The former Ruffino Hills landfill ceased operations in 1992. After the landfill was closed, it was entered into post-closure care.
• Applying for 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (2018).
• Connecting Keegan Bayou Nature Trail to Keegan Park with a bridge.

Access to Keegan Bayou TrailOne access to Keegan Bayou Trail and the connecting Brays Oaks Trail is from a .3 mile concrete trail along a Harris Country Flood Control Easement.  Access the path from 9024 Willow Meadow Drive to Keegan Bayou Trail Bridge, GPS 29.670331, -95.536583.  Street parking on Raydell or preferred Silkwood along an easement. No toilets or water. 

Another access point is at Metro Route 068 South Braeswood Blvd @ Braeburn Glen Blvd Stops 6262 E and 6986 W

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• According to City of Houston Chief Resilience Office, Ruffino Landfill Detention in District J will impact Districts C, F and K and TIRZ 20. The project is to:
• “Reclaim 175-acre landfill site and prepare for use as flood detention for Keegan and Brays Watershed. Will provide 2,400 acre-feet of flood mitigation storage.” (Equivalent to four square miles at one foot deep).
• This project awaits approval of a Notice of Intent and an application for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program 404. Cost estimate $198,000,000.
(City of Houston Resilience Project, May 2018).

Here are some photo updates of Keegan Bayou expansion project.

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