Kinder West Attributes

Trail Context

This trail follows the Kinder Morgan pipeline easement along the north side of the HCFCD drainage channel.  The easement runs largely through single-family
neighborhoods with semi-frequent crossings of low volume residential streets. The trail route is currently mowed and used extensively by area residents. The route provides a number of key connections with other local and regional trail routes.

Key Attributes

Length: 1.3 miles

Start Point: Braewick Dr.

End Point: Chimney Rock/W Bellfort

Trail Width: 8-10 feet

Ownership: Kinder Morgan

Easements: HCFCD

Current Use: Mowed trail

Bike Plan: Long-Term Off-Street

Parks Master Plan: Serves High Need Area


Willow Waterhole Greenspace

Westbury Park

Parker Elementary

Westbury Christian School

St. Thomas More Parish School

Westbury Baptist Church

W. Bellfort Ave. Shopping


Intersection of Chimney Rock and W Belfort is extremely unfriendly
to pedestrians and bicyclists, making connection to Kinder Trail –
East difficult

Encroachment by single family homeowners adjacent to trail

Trail placement over pipeline easement

Difficult pedestrian crossing on Hillcroft will require crosswalks,

Other Information

Identified as an off-street trail as part of the Houston Bike Plan’s
long-term vision

Bisects an area identified as “High Need” in the Houston Parks Master Plan

Connects to highly diverse population along Fondren drainage channel (at western

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