Brays Oaks Trail North

Braeburn Valley West Neighborhood

2020 November Construction Began after 5 years of Advocacy!

The Keegans Bayou Trail is a major trail within the Neighborhoods to Trails Southwest focus area. The connecting Brays Oaks Trail  (D118-02-00) ~1 mile trail provides north-south connectivity to Keegans Bayou and Brays Bayou trail systems for residents of Braeburn Valley West and the surrounding area. The trail is within close proximity to over 1,000 homes, 500+ apartments, one school, and several major commercial and community destinations. Much of the area is designated as high or very high need in the Houston Parks Master Plan.

Key Attributes (D118-02-00)

Length: 0.93 miles
Start Point: Keegans Bayou Trail
End Point: Willow Meadow Drive
Trail Width: 10 feet
Ownership: HCFCD
Easements: HCFCD, CenterPoint Property
Former Use: Asphalt trail, 1980-2020                                                                                                                Concrete Trail from November 10, 2020
Bike Plan: Long-Term Off-Street
Parks Master Plan: High Need Area

Brays Bayou Trail System
Keegans Bayou Trail System
With grass path  from Willow Meadow to West Bellfort:

With proposed extension to West Bellfort:

YES Prep – Brays Oaks Campus
Houston Community College-Brays Oaks
So. Gessner and W Bellfort Ave shopping
India House, Sareen Health Clinic
Filipino Community Center
Turkish Raindrop House

METRO 8 to Medical Center


  • Difficult street crossing at W Bellfort (consider HAWK beacon)
  • Constrained trail corridor south of Willow Meadow Dr. (max 6’ trail)
  • Limited parking opportunities at Raydell and Silkwood

Other Information

  • Identified as an off-street trail as part of the Houston Bike Plan’s long-term vision
  • Provides  access to an area identified as “High Need” in the Houston Parks Master Plan
  • Highly diverse area with 42% Black, 28% Latino, 30% White. Median household income ranges from $39k-$46k.
  • $161,000 funded
  • Harris County Flood Control District is currently studying ways to mitigate flooding along the Keegan Bayou Watershed and Hike and Bike Trail

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