Keegan South Attributes

Trail Context

This trail follows a north-south tributary to Keegans Bayou on the east side of the bank. The trail will be adjacent to single-family and multi-family neighborhoods. The trail segment north of Willow Meadow Dr. is adjacent to a Center Point easement with the potential for a community garden or neighborhood park. Commercial areas are located at the south end of the trail along W Bellfort Ave.

Key Attributes

Length: 0.93 miles
Start Point: Keegans Bayou Trail
End Point: W Bellfort Ave.
Trail Width: 6-10 feet
Ownership: Varies
Easements: HCFCD, CenterPoint
Current Use: Asphalt trail,
user-generated dirt trail
Bike Plan: Long-Term Off-Street
Parks Master Plan: High Need Area

Brays Bayou Trail System
Keegans Bayou Trail System
YES Prep – Brays Oaks Campus
Houston Community College-Brays Oaks
So. Gessner and W Bellfort Ave shopping
India House, Sareen Health Clinic
Filipino Community Center
Turkish Raindrop House


  • Difficult street crossing at W Bellfort (consider HAWK beacon)
  • Constrained trail corridor south of Willow Meadow Dr. (max 6’ trail)
  • Trail grade north of Willow Meadow Dr. may require footbridge
  • Limited parking opportunities
  • Crosswalk and signage needed at Willow Meadow Dr. crossing

Other Information

  • Identified as an off-street trail as part of the Houston Bike Plan’s long-term vision
  • Provides park access to an area identified as “High Need” in the Houston Parks Master Plan
  • Highly diverse area with 42% Black, 28% Latino, 30% White. Median household income ranges from $39k-$46k.
  • BOMD estimated cost: $970,000
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