Hillcroft Attributes

Trail Context

The Hillcroft Linear Park will be located in the 40-100 foot median located between the north- and southbound lanes of Hillcroft Avenue. The median currently has numerous trees, and benches have been installed in several locations. Numerous street crossings bisect the area but are typically spaced ~1000 feet apart. The area around the linear park is characterized by a large apartment complex to the south and single-family neighborhoods north of W Airport Blvd.

Key Attributes

Length: 2.1 miles
Start Point: Willowbend Blvd.
End Point: Alt 90/South Main
Trail Width: 40-100 feet
Ownership: City of Houston
Easements: N/A
Current Use: Open space
Bike Plan: Long-Term Dedicated
In-Street ROW
Parks Master Plan: High/Very High Need Area


Westbury Community Garden
Hager Park
Haviland Park
Foerster Elementary
Anderson Elementary
Parker Elementary
Westbury Christian School
St. Thomas More Parish School
Westbury Baptist Church
Westbury Church of Christ
St. Thomas More Catholic Church


Major street crossings at Willow Bend, W Bellfort, and W Airport will require significant intersection improvements to ensure safety

Crosswalks and signage will need to be installed to facilitate pedestrian/bicycle crossings from adjacent neighborhoods

Linear park design may require removal or relocation of several trees

Linear park design and implementation will require further planning

Other Information

Identified as in-street dedicated ROW on the Houston Bike Plan’s long-term vision maps

Provides park access to area identified as high and very high need in the Houston Parks Master Plan

Southern parts of route would most benefit low-income, diverse populations

BOMD estimated cost: $2,112,000

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