Fondren Diversion Channel Attributes

Trail Context

This trail runs parallel and just to the east of Fondren Road. An asphalt trail exists from S. Braeswood to Willowbend and becomes a grass foot path to the proposed terminus south of W Airport. The trail provides direct access to Fondren Middle School as well as the Brays Bayou system, the Willow Waterhole Bayou Trail, and the Kinder Trail. Much of the area is designated as in very high need of park space.

Key Attributes

Length: 2.5 miles
Start Point: S Braeswood Ave.
End Point: South of W Airport Dr.
Trail Width: 10 feet
Ownership: Varies
Easements: HCFCD
Current Use: Mowed, dirt trail
Bike Plan: Long-Term Off-Street
Parks Master Plan: Very High Need Area


Stein Family Park
Plant It Forward Farms
Milne Elementary School
Fondren Middle School
Elrod Elementary School
Tinsley Elementary School

Morris Frank Library
Westbury Christian Athletic Complex

W Bellfort Ave/Fondren Rd Shopping


Trail crossings at Willowbend, W Bellfort, and W Airport will
need crosswalk, signage, and other improvements to improve
pedestrian/bicycle safety.

Other Information

The trail was recently enhanced with the planting of native trees on the paved trail and the grassy footpath.
• The District has also identified a 3.81 acre parcel along West Airport as potential park
development. This green space could be easily accessed from the proposed trail.
• BOMD Master Park Plan (2013) has estimated the cost of this trail as $1,320,000. BOMD will contribute $150,000.

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