November 19, 2018

Took a lovely tour around Willow Waterhole (5300 Dryad, Houston) Saturday.  It is truly a gem in southwest Houston. Six ponds, paved, and crushed granite trails make it accessible to all.  Birds, bridges, little hills, signage, and natural trail make it a must see for all Houstonians.  Neighborhoods to Trails Southwest advocate for safe, off-road hike and bike trails to reach sites such as these.


October, 2018

Next City reporting on the city of Milwaukee says that its “efforts to make the city more bike and pedestrian–friendly are paying off.” One way they are seeing the results in on more people “moseying around” the neighborhood and more outdoor seating at restaurants.  Part of the city’s efforts included rebuilding certain areas with wider sidewalks and adding bike racks.  They’ve also added “traffic-calming measures” which slows motorists down. An advocacy group called MilWalkee Walks found that pedestrian deaths have been increasing, especially in low income areas.  As Neighborhoods to Trails advocate for hike and bike paths, we must explore what other communities have successfully done to improve walkability and bicycling safety, especially as we look to get our residents across dangerous intersections in southwest Houston.

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