District J is exploring Trail extension in Brays Oaks Management District.

In 2021 partnership with Harris County Precinct 1, Brays Oaks Management District and City Council District J, Brays Oaks Trail North was constructed north of Willow Meadow Drive. Councilman Pollard announced that they are now exploring extending the Brays Oaks Trail from Willow Meadow Drive to West Bellfort.

Brays Oaks Trail South of Willow Meadow Drive D118-02-00 (3033)
Nieghborhoods to Trail advocacy for the Trail South of Willow Meadow Drive to West Bellfort Avenue has
been in progress since 2015. South from Willow Meadow Drive to West Bellfort is a 3466- foot grassy footpath on the east side of the Keegans Bayou Tributary in the Westbrae Park Subdivision. This is not the property of CenterPoint Energy, butmanaged by HCFCD. Twelve properties including single family homes, apartments, a church, and a secondary school are along this Tributary.

The trail will be a community asset as active transportation to retail, schools, cultural
centers, and METRO bus routes. Destinations from Brays Oaks Trail South:

  1. YES Prep Brays Oaks Secondary School, 9000 W Bellfort St. and 12000 Westbrae Parkway. Enrollment for grades 6 through 12 is 1000 students in 2021-2022. http://www.yesprep.org/schools/brays-oaks
  2. Welch Middle School opened in 1979 at 11544 South Gessner Road. Welch has always been a Magnet school for grades 6 through 8 for fine arts, lifetime sports, gymnastics, and dance students. The Magnet Academy of Sports Medicine and Fine Arts program has hosted some of Houston’s top students and have some of the world’s most famous alumni: Beyonce Knowles – Singer, Actress, and Producer. https://www.houstonisd.org/welch
  1. Houston Community College, Brays Oaks Campus opened in 2016 at 8855 West Bellfort. Potential for 2600 workforce training students. The Trail will provide pedestrian access, reduce traffic and parking spaces that have been limited from the opening day.
  2. HISD Future Farmers of America (FFA) Agriculture Facility at 11611 RicevilleSchool Road. In 2022 the Lamar Future Farmers of America celebrated 63 years at the Agriculture Facility. Bike access would decrease overflow street parking for events and provide bike access for students daily. Lamar High School and Bellaire High School each have about half of the 35-acre property.
    Lamar.ffanow.org and https://bellaire.ffanow.org/default.aspx?ID=9944
  3. India House opened in 2008 at 8888 W. Bellfort St. at 12000 Westbrae Parkway. Offers classes, after-school programs, summer camps for children and youth, and charity medical services Sareen Harris Health Medical Clinic. http://www.indiahouseinc.org/
  4. Philippine Community Center opened in 2018 at 9101 W Bellfort Ave at
  5. Riceville School Rd. http://pccitx.com/community/
  6. Residents at Crystal Falls Apartments (167 units) at 10950 Westbrae Parkwaybacks up to the existing grass foot trail. A trail will provide recreation and access to schools and shopping. https://crystalfallsliving.com/
  7. METRO Route 8 commutes east on West Bellfort to the Texas MedicalCenter and west to the West Bellfort Park and Ride at 11415 Roark Road near 59. https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/PR-WestBellfort.aspx
  8. An additional bus stop on West Bellfort at the terminus of Brays Oaks Trail South could accommodate up to 1000 students who require carpool drop-off and pick up at YES Prep. Route 008 West Bellfort between 9066 – 9098
  9. Safety Improvements. Addition of street crossing markings and HAWK pedestrian traffic light from the terminus of the Trail on West Bellfort (9066 West Bellfort). A three-minute HAWK video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x92c5SHc8yM.
  10. Glenshire Park via connecting Riceville School Road sidewalk.

2 Comments on “District J is exploring Trail extension in Brays Oaks Management District.

    • Doug, I have sent the link to our volunteer map maker, a career map maker for an oil company. We are interested in capturing all options for trails. Do you attend the NTTSW monthly meetings? I am with Friends of Keegans Bayou Trails and Park. Let me know if you would like to visit with our Friends group. sharonyng@yahoo.com


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